quick e sites You take care of business. I'll get you on the Web.

Need some proof?

Here are a few eye-catching sample pages that demonstrate what can be accomplished quickly and easily by using a few basic programming tricks and techniques.

This sample incorporates several features - a basic menu, an imbedded MapQuest map to the business, and a form the customer can fill out that will get emailed to you.


This next sample also includes a basic menu (although a different format), a "floating" heading, and a photo gallery where the customer can click on a photo to enlarge it. You could use this type of page to show examples of your work.


Here is another photo gallery with a mosaic feel to it, and a more high-tech menu.


Although I'm not keen on animation, this page is striking with it's simple layout and changing banner photos. It also has interesting drop-down menus.


This example incorporates a basic layout and basic buttons, but the bold background colors really grab your attention.


Another example of how simple layouts can be enhanced by a splah of one or two bolder colors.


Here we have added some graphic lines to a fairly clean and simple layout, which subconsciously guides the customer's attention across the page.


This next page is very basic-looking, but has some unusual features, such as a tabbed menu across the top and a YouTube video embedded in the page. This could be used to demonstrate your services or products.


A fairly simple layout, but some deeper colors to attract your eye. This is a bit more complex behind the scenes, but the end result is worth it.


Another simple layout that includes some eye-catching color and another animated menu. The background of the header is a photo of a leaf that I took, which I then blurred and pulled colors from for the rest of the page.


The layout on this page is a bit more complex, but it uses a lot of color to catch your attention.


This simple page demonstrates how dramatic dark colors can be.


And a few actual Websites I've done for clients...

actual 5

The Swanton Corn Festival - an annual festival in northwest Ohio

actual 6

Van Shephard Designs - interior designer in Columbus, Ohio       

actual 1

Performance Business Advisors - business broker and Certified Exit Planner

actual 3

Healing Body Flow - a massage therapist, yoga instructor, and life coach

actual 4

Walk Run Cure - a northern Michigan walk/run benefit for breast cancer